MiX Telematics, a leading global SaaS provider of connected fleet management solutions, has renewed its contract with Intercape for an additional five years. Intercape is the largest intercity passenger transport service operating across South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. Intercape Freightliner offers overland freight services throughout Southern Africa. The connected fleet includes 145 buses, 21 tautliners, 20 tippers and a tanker, as well as 35 non-revenue vehicles.

Intercape has been a customer of MiX Telematics since 2015. The contract extension illustrates that MiX has proven its commitment as a long-term, strategic partner to Intercape by adding value to its operations and providing a world-class service.

The fleet management solutions utilised include the premium MiX Fleet Manager software and hardware, MiX Journey Management and the Insight Analyser BI platform, in addition to the MiX Track and React Bureau Service and the recently introduced MiX Vision AI camera solution. All work synergistically to provide Intercape with tracking, data and fleet management for a safer, sustainable and efficient fleet.

The safety of both drivers and passengers is integral to Intercape, which is why MiX Vision AI video capabilities are vital in detecting and alerting drivers and managers to unsafe or risky driving behaviour that impacts road safety. Driver monitoring events include fatigue, phone use, distraction, smoking and seat-belt use.

ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) events include forward collision and lane departure warnings. In addition, in-cab audible alerts warn drivers in real-time so that immediate corrective action can be taken. Reducing driver distraction and fatigue are key to improving driver, passenger and road safety.

Intercape utilises the video footage and rich vehicle telemetry data provided by the MiX platform as a coaching tool to continuously upskill its drivers, as this directly correlates to enhanced passenger safety and comfort. They believe that, in order to provide optimal customer service and to be the best transport provider possible, it requires the most advanced technology and telematics to provide maximum fleet insights and real-time safety interventions.

“We are thankful to Intercape for entrusting MiX Telematics with the safety of its fleet and passengers over the years. This is a partnership where we work together to develop a customised solution to suit their unique needs,” says Gert Pretorius, EVP and Managing Director for MiX Telematics Africa.

Regarding the relationship with MiX, Stephan Hamman, Chief Operating Officer for Intercape, states: “As a fast-thinking, innovative company, Intercape values the state-of-the-art information technology solutions that MiX Telematics brings to the table. This enables us to proactively manage our drivers and routes in real-time, so that we can deliver a safe, dependable transport service to our customers.”