Fuchs Lubricants Premium Maxx Performance engine oil now includes Fuchs XTL-Technology, specially developed for vehicles with modern exhaust after-treatment systems and turbochargers. It provides ageing stability and improved fuel-economy over the entire drain-interval due to oxidation stability.

“The improvement in fuel economy over the drain-interval is based on Fuchs XTL technology compared with quality engine oils of the same SAE viscosity grade. It prevents deposits in engines and turbochargers and produces up to 27% lower oil consumption due to XTL while offering longer drain-intervals,” says Fatima Moolla, Product Manager Automotive, Fuchs Lubricants SA.

“Titan Cargo Maxx 10W-40 low-SAPS guarantees optimum protection for modern diesel particulate filters and catalysts. Due to minimum evaporation loss, oil consumption and turbocharger deposits are significantly reduced.”

“The new XTL technology offers maximum performance over the entire temperature range and ensures good cold-start properties even at very low temperatures, exceeding conventional UHDP lubricants in versatility and performance.”

“Because of the extensive performance profile, Titan Cargo Maxx 10W-40 is also suitable for older vehicles. It fulfills all the latest ACEA Ex Specifications in combination with API CJ-4. In addition, the oil is miscible and compatible with conventional branded engine oils,” she says.

“The oil also provides excellent wear protection even under high operation conditions, covers a wide application profile and is suited to mixed fleets.”

It displays high neutralisation behaviour against sour burning residues in combination with the latest Low-SAPS technology and fulfills all latest ACEA Ex specifications (ACEA E9/E7/E6/E4) in combination with API CJ-4 due to the excellent properties of XTL.