With its focus on creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Garmin South Africa is proud to announce the launch of the Garmin Mobile Health Unit.

The Garmin Mobile Health Unit is customised with equipment needed for eye tests and dental check-ups. The truck can bring these vital primary health care services to people in communities and schools in under-serviced areas, helping to achieve the goal of accessible universal health care for all.

The unit was officially launched in June at an event at the Ebenezer Hannah Home in Walkerville, Johannesburg.

Garmin’s Johannesburg head office collaborated with Meals on Wheels as part of a Youth Month drive and the Garmin Mobile Health Truck visited the home which accommodates orphans and vulnerable children.

A qualified dentist did free dental check-ups and taught the children about basic dental health, before lunch, provided by Meals on Wheels, was served and staff joined in for an afternoon play session with the children.

The second outreach with the Garmin Mobile Health Unit took place 18 July for Nelson Mandela Day. Such collaborations will continue.