A month after its sales announcement, the first production MAN TGE has rolled off the assembly line at the newly constructed MAN Truck & Bus plant in Wrzesnia, Poland.

The silver van is a short wheelbase version with a high roof configuration. The vehicle is about six metres long and had a load capacity of 10,7 cubic metres. It is powered by a 2,0-litre diesel engine which produces 103kW.

The launch of the TGE marks the start of a new era for MAN. It is the first time the company has marketed a light commercial vehicle, which represents a response by the brand to demands from many long-standing customers in the logistics, courier and parcel service industries.

A MAN spokesman says reasons for the increased popularity of large delivery vans include growth of online shopping portals, wide-ranging versatility of the vehicles and their car-like handling and performance abilities.