Visitors to TruckX 2016 will be invited to participate in the inaugural Road Masters competition to find Southern Africa’s best and safest truck drivers


MasterDrive and The Future Group have teamed up to launch an exciting new driver excellence competition in which 10 finalists will be chosen to participate in a driving experience which could land them and their companies in the Hall of Fame at TruckX 2017.

To get involved, role players in an organisation’s fleet management team need to nominate the driver who they believe is their best. Following this, candidates will be shortlisted and announced by the MD of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert.

Over a four-month period, participants will be put through an accredited driver training program with extensive focus on defensive driving as well as a specialized collision and rollover prevention intervention. For the remainder of the competition, drivers will be coached and monitored via telematics which will be supplied, if necessary, by Ctrack. From this the drivers regarded as the safest by MasterDrive will be selected and earn their places in the TruckX Hall of Fame.

According to Herbert, this is a great initiative to encourage road safety in Southern Africa. “Participating organisations and companies will show their drivers to be leaders in road safety. It will also give them an opportunity to reward and acknowledge their best drivers. Companies will also benefit from the opportunity to upskill their drivers even more.”

If you would like to get involved in this great initiative contact You can also call MasterDrive on 0861100618.

Qualifying drivers
1. Drivers of rigid or articulated trucks for at least five years.
2. Drivers must complete over 10 000km per month.
3. Valid PRDP with codes relevant to their vehicles.
4. No endorsements on driving licenses before or during the competition.
5. Roadworthy checks of vehicles required.