MAN Automotive South Africa has selected Continental’s Intelligent Tyres fitted with ContiPressureCheck (CPC) for its premium range of EfficientLine trucks, allowing for real-time monitoring of tyre performance, pressure and temperature, thus allowing fleet managers and drivers to reduce downtimes and improve operating efficiencies.

“The fact that our Intelligent Tyres, which come preinstalled with ContiPressureCheck sensors, have been adopted by MAN Automotive for their premium range of EfficientLine vehicles is a clear signal that our revolutionary tyre pressure monitoring system has been well-received by the Original Equipment market,” says Darren Voges, Business Development Manager: Truck Business Unit at Continental Tyre SA.

“Once integrated with the fleet’s telematics provider, ContiPressureCheck is a true value-adding solution that enables fleet companies to generate real savings and to efficiently manage the tyres in their fleet.”

With both systems integrated, monitoring tyre pressure becomes easier and more transparent, as the CPC tyre sensor is mounted directly in the tyre to constantly monitor tyre pressure and temperature.

Tyre data collected with ContiPressureCheck is available to both the dispatcher’s computer and the vehicle’s driver, thanks to a network connection with the telematics provider’s system. If there is a deviation from the defined values, both fleet managers and drivers will be able to react quickly in order to prevent potential time-consuming downtimes.

The CPC system comprises one transmitter – 2 cm long and weighing less than 20 grams including sensors – and a processor, which is affixed to the inside of the tyre tread in a rubber bracket. When the tyre is changed, the processor can be removed from the bracket and reused in the new tyre. The battery lasts six years, or approximately 600 000 km.

ContiPressureCheck is compatible with all tyre brands and all vehicles. It is suited to almost any combination including buses, coaches, single axle trailers or even six-axle tractor/trailers with a maximum of 24 tyres. Any irregularity noticed by the driver or fleet manager can be checked and corrected immediately, with tyre crucial tyre information relayed to the driver via an on-board display.