As signal jamming has the ability to prevent a telematics unit from broadcasting its position to the service provider, it is being increasingly used by hijackers. “They use a range of jamming systems to block tracking devices from communicating via the cellular networks or via satellite,” says Hein Jordt, MD of Ctrack Fleet Management Solutions. “Once jammed, they typically hijack the vehicle or work with the driver to move it to a location where they offload its cargo.”

Ctrack offers a combined fleet management and jamming detection solution which keeps vehicles always visible in the presence of jamming conditions. “We are able to offer our customers the option of installing a non-GSM jamming detection module as part of their fleet management system.”

With the fleet management component, operators are able to monitor driver behaviour such as harsh acceleration and speeding. Significant fuel and maintenance costs will also be saved through monitoring factors such as engine performance and fuel consumption.