Solutions offered by Tom Tom Telematics help a waste management company achieve its goals. Ryan de Smidt reports

Binclean SA, founded by Neil Yates and his wife, Sonja, was established after the couple identified a need for self-driven, responsible and ethical waste management. Neil, as a managing director, ensures that day-to-day contracts are dealt with; while Sonja ensures that the financial aspects of the business operate efficiently.

1The company strives to reduce not only its carbon footprint, but that of its clients, too, ensuring that its waste management solutions make a positive impact on the environment. As with any business that makes use of trucking and transportation, telematics plays a crucial role in its daily operations.

“In discussion with Justin Manson, Business Development Manager at TomTom Telematics, we explained our specific requirements for a telematics system. We were sceptical about whether we would find one that suited our needs,” says Neil.

“Justin assured us that with TomTom’s telematics solutions, all our requirements would be taken care of. Based on Justin’s reassurances – and the obvious benefits associated with saving time and increasing efficiency – we decided to give it a go.”

7305071_lBinclean SA currently makes use of TomTom’s Link 510 devices, and is in the process of working together with the TomTom team to develop the appropriate software smart device technologies that will allow the company to eliminate paperwork and go fully electronic on TomTom’s latest PRO 8 devices.

“This process is almost ready for testing, and we are excited to be going paper-free, reducing our carbon footprint even further,” explains Neil.

He reveals that after installing the TomTom’s system in the Binclean SA operation, the company saw about a 20% increase in production, a reduction in its overtime bill and a reduction in fuel spend of about 15%.


“We also found that we no longer wasted time searching for addresses in map books, and drivers were no longer getting lost, as the TomTom navigation service took the vehicles straight to the correct addresses.

“This was a huge blessing as we add new addresses to our routes almost every day. Having direct guidance to each destination saves us time and increases our efficiency and productivity, as well as reducing our carbon footprint by ensuring that our vehicles spend less time on the road.”

handsIn addition to the decrease in overtime worked, the system has helped to optimise Binclean SA’s logistics planning processes. “Thanks to our improved production efficiency we discovered that we had one more truck in the fleet than we actually needed. That might not sound like much but, with one less vehicle driving around; we were still able to do more work in a day.

“I am confident that as we start using all of the features available in TomTom Telematics solutions, we will see an even greater improvement in our productivity and even further cost savings,” says Neil.