In December Serco completed 54 refrigerated truck bodies for Virtual Logistics a division of Adcock Ingram, a new customer to Serco– which the leading healthcare company will use to transport its pharmaceuticals to various parts of South Africa. The vehicles are on rental through Bidvest Car & Van Rental.

The bodies, being manufactured at Serco’s factories in Johannesburg and Durban, were  fitted onto Isuzu trucks accompanied by Transfrig fridge unit.

Bodies vary in length from 2.3m, to 5.5m, to 7.2m and 8.5m with the vehicles being welcome additions to Virtual Logistics current fleet.

Features on the bodies include rear and side door access and Dhollandia tail lifts for easy offloading.

Stringent distribution practices for pharmaceutical goods require that these highly sensitive products be transported in temperature controlled vehicles, which Serco specialise in.

The new refrigerated trucks will transport the company’s products to distribution centres and customers around the country.

The deal was brokered through Bidvest Car and Van Rental where Fleet Executive, Grant Fraser, says Serco’s solid reputation in the market swung the deal its way.

Fraser said all the trucks were put into use in December 2017.