The year has started off with all cylinders firing for the company. “Business sentiment has started to turn and hopefully this will translate into a new era of growth for the South African economy,” said Clinton Holcroft, MD of Serco.  “We have been hard at work looking to drive improvements in our processes, increase efficiencies and raise quality benchmarks to new heights.”

“Last year was tough trading all round and we are excited to see a number of new clients coming on board in the past few months, which is a welcome sign. The refrigerated body manufacturing industry has gone through some changes of late with established industry players falling out. This highlights the importance of running a tight ship while investing in our capability to offer the latest technology in vehicle body manufacturing. In this regard Serco is unmatched with our injected foam Protec steel panel press technology. “

“Furthering this objective, we have created and filled a new position for a National Process Improvement Manager whose objective is to help the branches work smarter and help cross pollinate best practices. It is exciting to see the improvements and initiatives such as weekly team Gemba walks which help galvanise continuous improvement within our teams, so we can unlock further value for our customers.”

“We are at the final stages of converting our ISO Quality system to the revised ISO9001:2015 standards. The refresh of our work processes and quality controls is a good thing as we strive to work smarter at building consistently high-quality vehicles for the industry.”

“The transport industry is intensively competitive, and customers are demanding improved durability, improved thermal performance, faster turnaround time for repairs and access to proven solutions to their challenges whether it be load securing or volume optimization, to ensure they thrive in the fast paced logistics arena,” concluded Holcroft.