“Technology such as telematics, will play an increasingly important role in the ever-changing transport environment,” stated Filip Van den Heede, managing director of UD Trucks Southern Africa. “It empowers fleet owners to streamline their operations, getting the most out of their investment while delivering added value, included enhanced turnaround times, to their customers.”   

Telematics is a high-tech wireless communication service that helps keep trucks on the road for longer, reduces costs, allows for planned maintenance, and provide immediate assistance case of an emergency. As it is now integrated into every UD Trucks produced in South Africa, fleet owners can maximise the effectiveness and profitability of their businesses.

UD Trucks’ telematics system basically monitors the heartbeat of the truck as it provides real-time positioning, information on preventative maintenance and manages the breakdown assistance. This also provides fleet owners and UD Trucks dealers with all the information they need to do the required preventative maintenance on time, and to schedule standard services more efficiently.

“Ultimately, it is about peace of mind. Empowering you to protect, guide and utilise your fleet to its fullest potential,” explained Van den Heede.

The service is free for one year from date of purchase, where after fleet owners will have the option to renew the contract.

“Today, society and the logistics industry are facing serious challenges and disruptions. For the transport industry this means increasing pressure on cost and efficiency, tougher regulations, and changing transport demands,” said Van den Heede. “The world needs a logistics system that meets these challenges and harnesses the potential benefits of new technologies such as connectivity through telematics.”

Connectivity is the enabler of both automation and electromobility, technology that UD Trucks has already made great strides in. UD Trucks has around 45,000 vehicles connected worldwide through the UD Information Service, which uses data collected from each vehicle to help improve uptime.

By analysing digital data collected from customer driving behaviour, UD Trucks also gains insight on how to design even safer and more dependable trucks.

“We are committed to ensuring that our customers receive the full benefits of the solutions and products we are developing, which will ultimately make life better for everyone in our society,” said Van Den Heede.