Reliability, efficiency and safety are the three core characteristics that define the new Mercedes-Benz Actros. With over 25,000 vehicles sold in South Africa since it was introduced to the market in 1998, the Actros family has long been the most significant success story in the heavy-duty truck sector, with the current Actros being the market leader in this segment.

The new Actros was launched in Europe in 2011, available then, only as a Euro VI. In order to meet the high requirements set out by Mercedes-Benz Trucks in terms of reliability and market suitability, extensive technical and product modifications have been made to the European Actros to ensure that the new truck is more than capable to live up to the Mercedes-Benz Trucks brand reputation of Trucks you can Trust.

The high standards set by the previous Actros make it an extremely tough act to follow, but the new Actros succeeds in doing this, making life even easier for operators by cutting fuel costs and increasing vehicle availability

A key factor which allows the new Actros to achieve this is a drivetrain from a single source. The engines, transmissions and axles are all designed and manufactured by Mercedes-Benz in-house and all ensure that components in the drivetrain can be perfectly matched to each other.

Eight new Actros air-suspended truck-tractor models with a specific focus on offering customers the right truck for their specific application

Unlike its predecessor, the new Actros will exclusively be available as a truck-tractor, in both air and steel suspension. Rigid distribution, construction, off-road and specialised application vehicles will be supported by the new Arocs models, which will be available from September 2018.

The new Actros is launched in South Africa with eight new air-suspended models initially. Four 4×2 air-suspended truck-tractors and four 6×4 air-suspended truck-tractors, and further steel and air-suspended truck-tractors are to be launched during the second part of the year.

Two new engines for the new Actros:  OM460 and OM471

At launch, the new Actros will be available in two engine variants. Two new 12.8-litre 6-cylinder in-line engines available in Euro III and Euro V emission norm. The Euro III OM460 is based on proven technology. Pump line-nozzle injectors and single cylinder heads ensure particularly robust technology.

Although based on proven technology, the new in-line 6-cylinder layout has been optimised and boasts higher torque at lower engine speeds, a broader torque range and optimised auxiliary consumers such as the optimised viscous fan clutch resulting in an impressive overall fuel consumption saving.  

The new OM460 engine is available in four engine output ratings from 360hp (265kW) up to 450hp (330kW) and torque ranging from 1,800 Nm to 2,200 Nm.

The OM471 Euro V engine features the latest engine technology and is the most efficient engine in the new range. The high efficiency of the new 12.8-litre in-line 6-cylinder engine is achieved by the unique common-rail X-Pulse injection system which has the ability to boost the pressure from 1,160 bar in the common rail system to an injection pressure of up to 2,700 bar in the individual injectors.

This enables an extremely fine spray pattern leading to an optimised combustion cycle. The OM 471 comes with exhaust gas recirculation. Exhaust gases are treated with SCR technology with AdBlue injection. Diesel fuel with a maximum sulphur content of 50ppm is permitted for these engines.

In comparison to Euro II emission standards, the Euro V emission standards reduce NOx and particulate matter by up to 90%.  

The new OM471 engine is available in two engine output ratings of 420hp (310kW) up to 450hp (330kW) and peak torque from 2,100 Nm to 2,200 Nm.

Mercedes Powershift 3:

The all-new Actros models are fitted with Mercedes Powershift 3 fully automated 12-speed transmissions as standard for fast, correct and precise gear changes.  The economy drive programme, standard on all on high-way truck tractors ensure a particularly economical driving style. Mercedes Powershift 3 relieves the driver’s workload – and therefore also helps to prevent errors.

Optimised aerodynamics

The cabin of the new Actros has been optimised in every single detail. It has been as extensively tested in the wind tunnel as no other truck before it. The result: the most aerodynamic shape ever and a completely new cabin called the “StreamSpace”, which is standard on all long-haul truck tractors.

The windscreen has been further inclined to reduce aerodynamic drag. Roof and side deflectors guide and aid the flow of air over the cabin and trailer and thus ensure a smoother transition zone reducing wind turbulence and aerodynamic drag.

In a similar way, the side door extensions and air-horns under the cab are all precisely measured to reduce aerodynamic drag and turbulence. Another enhancement in the quest for aerodynamic optimisation is that StreamSpace cabs have no sun visor.

This has been achieved without compromising the driver’s comfort by fitting all StreamSpace cabs with a dark tinted green sun filter band, which minimises sun glare.

New Actros Standard in Euro III and Euro V – the most efficient Actros.

The new Actros standard models are available in Euro III or Euro V engine configurations. The new Euro V models are the most efficient and environmentally responsible vehicles on offer in the new Actros range and are of particular interest to customers who want to have the most efficient truck available today while showing their commitment to environmental awareness.

In addition to Lane Keeping Assist, driver airbag and Stability Control Assist, which were already standard on its predecessor, the new range is further complemented by additional safety features.

Attention Assist and a seat belt monitor are now standard. The standard models are also equipped with the extremely comfortable L-cab StreamSpace 2.5m cabin. Alcoa Aluminium Dura Bright Rims as well as adjustable top and side air-deflectors further complement the high levels of standard equipment specification on these models.

New Actros Pure – the Actros which focusses on the essentials

The new Actros Pure offers exceptional economy at an exceptional price. It is equipped with the same driveline as the standard model but has a reduced scope of standard equipment to address the customer requirement of having a more basic truck yet still an efficient and safe truck.

To this end, a driver airbag and a seat belt monitor are standard safety features on the Pure. The Pure is equipped with steel reinforced rims, Jost 38-C 2” heavy duty fifth wheel and cyclone pre-filter. The Pure features the comfortable L-cab StreamSpace 2.3m cabin.

New Actros Fuel specification models – The new standard in hazardous goods transport

The new Actros Fuel specification models address the needs of the hazardous goods operator. In addition to being fully ADR and SANS1518 compliant, they feature additional safety features far in excess of the legal requirements.

The new Actros Fuel specification model features the most comprehensive list of standard safety equipment on offer. In addition to standard safety features already on-board the new Actros, the models are further enhanced with Active Brake Assist 4, Proximity Control Assist, Roll Control Assist and a red driver’s seatbelt. The Fuel Specification vehicles are standard, depending on application, with either an L-cab ClassicSpace or StreamSpace 2.3m cabin.

New Actros and road safety: gives its all for Greater Safety

End customers are paying more attention to the environmental and safety standards of the fleet companies that they use. These aspects are therefore becoming increasingly important for fleet owners as well. As well as having a bearing on a company’s image, they have tangible economic benefits.

Like its predecessor, the new Actros is an undisputed leader in the safety stakes. To actively prevent accidents, the new Mercedes-Benz Actros is equipped with five new additional safety systems. These systems help the driver to remain in control in critical situations. New safety features include Attention Assist, Active Brake Assist 4 (including Proximity Control Assist) as well as Roll Control Assist and Seat Belt Monitoring.

This expands on the list of already comprehensive safety features which were introduced for the predecessor model: Lane Assist, Stability Control Assist (ESP) and a Driver Airbag.


Active Brake Assist 4 with Proximity Control Assist

The Active Brake Assist 4 system – with Proximity Control Assist – initiates emergency braking if there is a risk of a collision and is the world’s first emergency brake assistance system in the transport sector which can also now detect moving pedestrians.

The outstanding feature of Active Brake Assist 4 is that it warns the driver of imminent collisions with pedestrians and automatically initiates partial braking. It is the first system of its type worldwide to perform such functions.

Maximum safety is a fundamental value of the Mercedes-Benz brand and an essential element of its DNA. The new Active Brake Assist 4 is a further milestone in the development of active safety technologies. Using the 4thgeneration of radar technology, it has been possible to further perfect range, resolution and reliability.

 A radar system detects moving obstacles in front of the truck whilst continuously calculating the difference in speed between the Actros and the vehicle in front. If the traffic situation does not change and an accident seems unavoidable, the driver first receives a visual warning, followed by an audible warning.

If the risk of a collision increases, partial braking is initiated, that is to say 30 percent of the full braking power is applied. If the driver still fails to react, the system applies the full braking power automatically.

Although Active Brake Assist 4 cannot always actively prevent accidents, the application of the full braking power at the very least reduces the collision speed and, therefore, the severity of the accident by a considerable margin.

Active Brake Assist 4 is standard on all Fuel Specification models.

Proximity Control Assist – keeping problems at an arm’s length with stop and go traffic

Proximity Control Assist maintains the set desired speed similarly to the manner in which conventional cruise control works on free stretches of road. It is effective from a speed of 0 kmh.

When the truck approaches a vehicle ahead, the speed is adapted automatically according to the set distance. The distance is set on the multifunction steering wheel.

Proximity Control Assist’s new stop-and-go function slows down the vehicle automatically to a standstill in stop-and-go traffic and moves again after a short stop of less than two seconds without requiring any intervention from the driver.

Proximity Control Assist is standard on all Fuel Specification models.

Roll Control Assist ensures the right level of vehicle damping for the situation at hand

Roll Control Assist adapts and varies the damping hardness automatically in order to suit the current driving situation and road conditions. Sensors monitor the vertical movements at the front and rear axle, brake pressure, vehicle load, accelerator movements and road speed.

Roll control assist is standard on all Fuel Specification models.

Longer and flexible service intervals

Service intervals on the new Actros are all flexible, ensuring that the new Actros always utilises the maximum value out of all service components leading to less wastage and lower maintenance costs. Service rates on the new Actros will save customers up to 6% and service intervals up to 50,000 km for Euro III engines and up to 80,000km for Euro V engines in long-haul are possible, depending on customer application and route profile.

 FleetBoard and FleetBoard EcoSupport

 FleetBoard Eco Support provides effective driver support in real time by displaying tips on a consumption-reducing driving style in the instrument cluster during the journey. FleetBoard® and Fleetboard® Eco Support are standard on all new Actros models.

Standard Warranty

The new Actros comes standard with a 1 year/unlimited kilometre complete vehicle warranty and a 5year/650,000km standard warranty on the drivetrain.

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