Billed as the biggest agricultural show in the southern hemisphere, Nampo has since its inception in 1966 provided many great moments in the recent history of South African agriculture.

The annual Nampo Harvest Day is a forum for the majority of stakeholders in the agricultural sector to get together. It draws in farming communities from across SADC to consider what tomorrow holds.  Once again Engen is renewing its partnership with Grain SA to great effect as a Gold Sponsor for Nampo 2018, which runs from May 14th – 18th in Bothaville.

Engen’s Commercial General Manager, Joe Mahlo says, “Our presence at Nampo is always valuable because Nampo represents the best one-stop shop for Engen to meet with our major  customers in the agricultural sector and to showcase our new products and as well as our promotions and community projects.  Over the years we are grateful for the support we have received from the agricultural sector.

“A key focus for us this year is to provide our customers with quality products that have a lower sulphur content so that we can work on minimising vehicle emissions. We have reduced the sulphur content in our Engen Dynamic Diesel from 500ppm to 50ppm which has an improved impact on the environment while not compromising on quality, economy and performance benefits.

Engen Dynamic Diesel 50ppm is also ideal for modern vehicles which are fitted with emission control technology. Ultimately, the aim is to improve air quality.”

For well over a century, whether directly to major farming groups, through partnerships with Secondary Distribution Companies or to farmers through Agri and retail businesses, Engen has met the needs of the local farmer with a brand of top quality products and through key strategic relationships.

One of the most popular attractions at every Nampo show is the Tractor Museum that was built under Engen’s direction and subsequent maintenance.

This year, once again, Engen is offering farmers the legendary (and now iconic) Engen Farmer’s utilitarian hard-weather jackets. Designed – like Engen’s products – to withstand all local conditions, Engen’s jackets go free to every farmer who buys 200 litres or more of our quality lubricants.

“As a company, we are constantly guided by our enduring promise of ‘With us you are Number One’, and take every opportunity to walk the hard yards, interacting and engaging with farmers so as to continue honing the practices and processes of what today are well integrated relationships and working methodologies. Our path has been made for walking, and we will continue to make the way for years to come alongside our many partners in the agricultural sector.”

Engen is proud of its commitment to the agricultural fraternity and has proved its allegiance to the industry in no uncertain terms. “Engen and Nampo are practically synonymous and we wouldn’t have it any other way,” concludes Mahlo.