After joining the Company in 2008, Yoshihiro Murakami was appointed President in 2015. He has undertaken a number of improvement programs to position UD Trucks as the company of choice and a true business partner to our customers. Most recently, in 2017, he oversaw UD Trucks’ largest model changeover ever of vehicles and services that meet the diverse needs of customers in Japan and international markets.

UD Trucks Chairman, Joachim Rosenberg, commented: “Under Murakami-san’s leadership, the past years transformation phase at UD Trucks will soon be completed, with a significant changeover of vehicles and services gaining ground in both Japan and other major markets. We now see greater employee engagement, improving customer satisfaction, strengthening heavy-duty market share and higher profitability. He has made outstanding contributions to our company. On behalf of many grateful colleagues, I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”

Rosenberg continued: “At the same time, our incoming President, Takamitsu Sakamaki, possess wide and deep experience of UD Trucks and our commercial vehicle industry that will serve us well as we take on the opportunities of the future, including new investments into automation, connectivity and electro mobility.”

Takamitsu Sakamaki said: “I will soundly inherit the duties as President of UD Trucks, and further continue to improve effectiveness and efficiency of UD Trucks for the benefit of our customers and colleagues.”

After graduating from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Waseda University in 1980, Sakamaki-san joined then Nissan Diesel Motor Co., Ltd. the same year. He has since then engaged in all operational aspects, from diesel engine production engineering through to vehicle quality assurance. In 2010, he was appointed Vice President of Powertrain Production and led the efforts to integrate Japanese and global technology and culture following the Volvo Group’s acquisition of the company. Since 2016, he is the Senior Vice President of UD Trucks Operations and will now in 2018 add further to this responsibility.