OMODA has added two new divisions to its fast-growing South African team.

Called O-SUPPORT and O-MAINTENANCE, the new divisions have been added to the OMODA office less than one month after the successful launch of its first vehicle, the OMODA C5.


With its new O-SUPPORT division, OMODA now makes good on its promise to offer luxury-vehicle levels of technology and customer experience to its vehicle range, despite its attractive prices.

The team that has been appointed to this division is on call to OMODA customers to assist with finding the nearest OMODA dealer, scheduling services or repairs and even answering questions on the operation of their vehicle. 

“It appears counterintuitive that we would assign a dedicated team to support customers better understand their vehicles and to schedule services. After all, our customers are often early adopters of new technology and that is why they were attracted to OMODA in the first place.

“But by offering a human interface along with the many digital channels available to customers in the O-UNIVERSE, we give them the luxury of choice and the ability to interact with us based on their preferences, not ours,” says Chris-Mari Botes, Brand Manager of OMODA South Africa.


At the launch of the OMODA C5, OMODA stunned South Africa by offering a comprehensive 1-million kilometre or 10-year engine warranty.

Customers also receive a full-service plan that is valid for five years or 70,000 km and a general mechanical warranty that covers the OMODA C5 comprehensively for 5 years or 150,000 km.

In future, this service plan and mechanical warranty will be administered and supported by the O-MAINTENANCE division. This division is responsible for maintaining parts and service support to customers and dealers, while also ensuring that every OMODA dealer is trained on the most advanced technologies available in every OMODA vehicle.

As part of the O-MAINTENACE division, OMODA has joined sister brand Chery at the Chery International Parts Warehouse, located in Parkhaven, Boksburg.

This 6 000 square metre facility currently holds close to R90 million in parts and components. It holds, with the addition of OMODA, over 5,587 distinct line items and in it has close to 250,000 parts on hand at any given time.

With such a large and diverse stock holding, the parts warehouse is able to fill 98% of all parts orders immediately. This is well ahead of the industry standard. These parts and components are delivered to OMODA dealers and to any of the over 100 approved OMODA repair facilities across South Africa.

The OMODA warehouse further has a comprehensive list of vehicle accessories that can be ordered for fitment on every OMODA vehicle. At present there are close to 40 different accessory lines in stock.

Most approved OMODA parts and accessories are covered by a comprehensive 12-month/30,000 km warranty from date of purchase.

Says Botes: “OMODA is serious about offering the best possible customer experience in its O-UNIVERSE and the hassle-free service and maintenance of your OMODA C5 is at the heart of this.

“This is why we have invested in a dedicated support and maintenance division and why we are excited to share this with our customers.”

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