The new catalog “Thermal management for commercial vehicles and transporters 2018/2019” is available from Behr Hella Service from March 2018 onwards. On its pages workshops will be able to find all the products which their mechanics need for the maintaining and repairing of air-conditioning systems and engine cooling systems in commercial vehicles and transporters. The catalog boasts more than 1,200 pages, all of which are clearly classified into vehicle-specific categories covering spare parts, universal parts and refrigerants and oils.

Behr Hella Service supports workshops by providing them with professional products for vehicle repairs. Subsequently the company is permanently engaged in extending its product range. Now the company has integrated 280 new articles alone in its product portfolio, items including exhaust gas recirculation radiators, control valves for vehicle heating, electrical controls for blending flaps and also cover plates for coolant radiators and expansion tanks. These have been immediately included in the new catalog. This reference catalog consequently showcases more than 3,100 articles for about 60 vehicle makes, thus covering more or less 800 vehicle models.

And if that is not enough, Behr Hella Service has also been fine-tuning the catalog’s navigation so that workshop employees can more easily locate the suitable products required. To this end, the first pages of the catalog present an overview of all the products, classified according to individual vehicle types. Furthermore, this general overview shows all new spare parts identified as such. The main body of the catalog uses a range of symbols for smart searching in order to clearly depict the various product features such as oil quantity in the compressor, fan power consumption or the number of fan blades. A particularly practical feature for workshops is the way in which the extra details state whether the condenser, evaporator, and interior blower are equipped, in each case, with a filter-dryer, expansion valve and blower control unit.

And this new catalog has yet another bonus to offer: Next to the product illustrations can now be seen a QR code, which enables direct access to the latest relevant product data featured in the online catalog. Here a whole kaleidoscope of information is waiting – in-depth details, additional product illustrations or 360° panoramic images, too. This allows details such as connections to be viewed more specifically.

All those interested can obtain the catalog entitled “Thermal management for commercial vehicles and transporters 2018/2019” from their own trade partner or, alternatively, direct from HELLA from March onwards. The catalog includes a total of nine languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Polish and Russian.