Daimler Trucks & Buses Southern Africa, under the banner of Southern Cross (the only official distributor of Daimler commercial vehicles, including Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Buses and Vans, FUSO Trucks) today unveiled SelecTrucks Zambia, with its new centre destined to be located in Lusaka.

SelecTrucks aims to become one of the largest used truck retailers in the commercial vehicles industry and the well-established brand delivers unparalleled value with a wide selection of trucks and after-sales support backed by Southern Cross.

Launched in 2005, from a take-over of the Marunouchi Motors brand, Southern Cross Motors will operate SelecTrucks Zambia. With a workforce of more than 190 employees and two branches in Lusaka and Kitwe, the company also operates field support of services vans and recovery vehicles.

“Our strong focus on the standardization of products and quality services in the Southern African region has been central to our strategy of delivering on our promise. The company has also dedicated itself to growing all the brands and even going beyond customer expectations. We continue to expand our business network and one of our most successful business models has been the introduction of affordable pre-owned vehicles to operators. For this purpose, SelecTrucks Zambia, under the auspices of Southern Cross Motors will continue to drive this path,” said Jasper Hafkamp, Executive Director for Daimler Trucks & Buses Southern Africa.

“SelecTrucks Zambia is all about our customers and what their needs are. To ensure we exceed their expectations, our wide selection of inventory spans all makes and models, with quality-sourced trucks from some of southern Africa’s largest fleets. We are used truck experts and we’re here to help our clients make the best choice for their varying businesses,” said Anthony Voorhout, General Manager – Southern Cross Motors – Zambia.

At SelecTrucks, each vehicle is thoroughly inspected and duly prepared for each customer, according to their specific needs. With the close corporation between SelecTrucks Zambia and Daimler Trucks and Buses Southern Africa, we can supply trucks that are tailored for the Southern African Region, in terms of specification and reliability. SelecTrucks will have the ability to cope with market conditions, such as fuel and road conditions.

“Beside the centres under the Mercedes-Benz umbrella, our Colleagues from Fuso in Japan have decided to build up a professional used truck business and they will use the SelecTrucks brand as well worldwide. SelecTrucks will be the leading brand for used trucks of Daimler Trucks worldwide. SelectTrucks is the brand for used trucks that customers can trust worldwide”, said Bernd Gelsdorf, Head of SelecTrucks Worldwide.

For more information on SelecTrucks Zambia, log on to www.selectrucks.co.zm (launching first quarter 2019) and www.southerncross.co.zm