Walmart, in conjunction with Peterbilt Trucks, is in the final stages of development of the Walmart Wave – a look into the conglomerate’s fleet of the future.

The Wave’s streamlined svelte shape provides it with 20% less drag when compared to the rest of Walmart’s present armada of Peterbilt Model 386 trucks.

According to Bill Kahn – manager of Peterbilt’s Advanced Concepts department – a 20% reduction in drag equates to a 10% increase in mileage.

“The Wave’s progressive microturbine, developed by Capstone Turbine Corporation, is equipped for running on both regular gas as well as hybrid-electric energisers at the same time, delivering for all intents and purposes – no harmful discharges”, continues Kahn.

“Subsequently the microturbine does not require the fume scrubbers and synthetic additives that ordinary diesel engine’s make use of. The microturbine operates using air bearing innovation and air cooling, which permits the truck to forego the requirement for substantial oil and fluid cooling frameworks. This hybrid-electric drivetrain is therefore clean, efficient, and fuel flexible.”

With manual driver input or by means of the intelligent drive system, the Wave will make use of one of the three drive modes, including charge mode, electric mode, or the ‘half and half’ mode, which produces the most productive harmony between both the turbine and electric drivetrains.

The centered driver’s seat rotates 180-degrees, while the sliding driver’s door and fold out step allow for safety, security, and added ease of access. The full size cabin with sleeper Flex Studio provides a fold out bed.

The convex nose shape of the trailer allows for enhanced aerodynamics while not compromising on cargo capacity.

With Walmart claiming that they are 84% of the way to achieving their final goal, we may be seeing future builds from this prototype in production in the near future.