Volvo Trucks South Africa understands the importance of keeping your vehicle on the road and ensuring its uptime. To this end, Volvo Trucks South Africa is committed to decreasing the downtime of its customer’s vehicles and reducing the total cost of ownership of all Volvo Trucks.

“This may be a challenging commitment to undertake, however, we are convinced that through our connectivity project plan, service contracts, competent workshops and state of the art software we will deliver on our commitment ensuring maximum uptime of your vehicle on the road,” says Theunis Eloff, Commercial Aftermarket Director.

Volvo Trucks South Africa has embarked on a project focussed on connectivity encompassing Optimized service planning, vehicle efficiency, and reduced downtime. “As the customer satisfaction index (CSI) remains our top priority we are confident that the connectivity project will support our efforts in this area,” says Eloff.

Proof of this commitment to the Aftermarket sector is the continued gains that Volvo Trucks makes in this sector – which reports such as the independent Scott Byers report, revealed in its second quarter results.Volvo Trucks South Africa took top honours in the sales category where it achieved 99.20% – which is the highest this has been in 16 years according to the report. The Scott Byers report has further revealed that Volvo Trucks ranked second in both service and parts which saw an increase from 94.69% and 92.43% respectively to 96.35% and 96.3%.

“This is an incredible achievement for us as the report is a clear indication of our team’s commitment to making sure that our customers achieve optimal running time of their vehicles. It is also an indication of how we as a business have embodied the “Volvo Way” as our foundation and used open, clear and effective communication ensuring our customers take top priority,” emphasises Eloff.

The Scott Byers report is a true and independent reflection of the work that Volvo Trucks has put into the various business areas of its operations which ensure that customers are first. The criteria used in the report include future use of sales, service, parts as well as good business relationships with departments and personnel. “This includes the investment into staff ensuring they are knowledgeable and that products and parts are genuine Volvo Trucks parts and products which are of the highest quality. We will continue to strive for excellence and focus on consistently meeting and delivering better than average service for our customers,” adds Eloff.

“Further proof of this is the new two year parts warranty which is guaranteed when fitting Genuine Volvo Parts in our authorized workshops nationally. This exclusive warranty offer acts as further proof of our commitment to our customers and soft offer value add to ensure your vehicles uptime is maximized,” concludes Eloff.