Tan Chong Industrial Equipment (TCIE) – the sole distributor for UD Trucks in Malaysia – has launched the Quester 8L as an expansion of the company’s variants in meeting the needs of various industries at reasonable prices.

Combining Japanese engineering expertise, Volvo Group’s global technology, and strong local presence, TCIE introduced the Quester 8L as an addition to the existing Quester 11L which was launched in third quarter of 2013.

The new Quester 8L comes in 4×2, 6×2, and 6×4 models as an addition to the Quester 11L models making use of 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, and 8×4 drivetrains. Both models are fitted with UD Telematics devices, the on-board system that monitors driver’s performance and the health of the truck.

“The UD Quester is the first real heavy-duty Japanese truck designed with heavy duty chassis, heavy duty cab and associated heavy features with a proven record of fuel-efficient engines and quality”, comments TCIE executive director Tan Keng Meng.

“And now with the introduction of the UD Quester 8L, we have a wide range of trucks that are versatile and able to meet transportation requirements holistically for our customers.”

TCIE currently holds 28% of the market share in the region in the heavy duty truck category from Japan, and is aiming to sell 80 Quester 8L’s by the end of the year.