Organisations that rely heavily on transportation, specifically transportation of their own goods, need a reliable fleet management system.

Modern day fleet management systems and processes should be aimed at reducing the overall expenditures through the cost-effective deployment of resources such as vehicles, fuel and spare parts. It’s therefore easy to understand why so many fleet operators look toward third party vendors or outsourcers to assist in providing or running fleet management systems or processes.

This is where Innovation Group can play a pivotal role in assisting fleet operators. Through 30 years of administration experience, they have developed a fleet management solution that enables fleet owners to focus on their core business while they take care of all aspects relating to the fleet. For Innovation Group, it’s all about the concept of proactive managed maintenance.

Ricardo Coetzee, Managing Executive for Automotive at Innovation Group states that proactive managed maintenance means upkeep of vehicles can be planned and pre-booked in advance with a preferred supplier and date which is convenient to the fleet owner.

“Managed maintenance is an integral part of our fleet management offering,” explains Coetzee. “An extensive servicing, repair and maintenance network means that vehicle downtime can be minimised and the risks associated with defective vehicles can be mitigated.”

“Cost saving is important to any fleet owner,” says Coetzee. “Our cost-savings methodology and processes mean that we can keep the vehicle on the road and the fleet owner can benefit from the savings. With our flexible business model, we proactively demonstrate the value to the fleet owner by controlling the cost of services and repairs.”

Innovation Group’s fleet management service gives organisations the peace of mind that everything is being taken care of. The future-ready fleet solution includes: comprehensive maintenance, managed maintenance, service scheduling and booking, technical inspections, supplier management, roadside assistance, accident management, accident assessments, end of contract appraisal and disposal as well as fines and licence management.

Coetzee believes that what sets Innovation Group apart from other fleet management services is their flexible business model and all-inclusive product suite. “The entire package of services associated with keeping a vehicle on the road, from tyres to services, can be outsourced. Fleet management solutions are able to deliver peace of mind through stringent supplier vetting, process expertise and product knowledge,” he concludes.