A team of eight self-proclaimed “daredevils” from Russia are set to become the first to drive to the geographic North Pole –  after two previously successful Russian expeditions to the area using custom 6×6 ATV’s.

The Burlak – a Russian term that describes a method of pulling cargo barges up rivers – is a self contained vehicle furnished with four beds, cooking facilities and a shower/sauna combination.

The vehicle is designed to allow the occupants internal access to its 3.0-litre diesel engine, as well as a variety of other components – enabling them to perform repairs without being subjected to the hazardous arctic elements.

Combining parts from the BTR armoured personnel carrier, the GAZ 66 military cargo transporter, and a Toyota Land Cruiser – the 5½ft tall, 2ft wide low pressure tyres coupled with the floatable aluminium body and propeller will render this vehicle practically unstoppable