Supply chain solutions enable transporters and warehouse entities to stream-line their processes – ensuring that goods are at their desired locations at all time.

In order to fully integrate into the modern era, most logistics companies’ and warehouses have instilled sophisticated software and IT solutions to their businesses, ensuring that a stream-lined process is obtained.

With a magnitude of software solutions on the market, only a handful are tried and tested in the industry, and offer optimal results. With these packages come the need for a middleman to serve as a trainer and implementer of the systems, and that’s exactly how Forte Consulting comes into play.

“Forte Supply Chain Consulting serves as a bridge providing consulting between industry expectations and software offerings within the supply chain. Whilst working within the transport industry, I was tasked to implement a TMS and the change management it requires”, comments Renko Bergh, Director Forte Consulting.

“During this project, it became evident that the challenges of communicating industry relevancy to software developers was not only frustrating, but also time consuming to the point of being counterproductive. The challenge was infused with the lack of training on the software from an industry practical viewpoint”.

“With the backbone of industry knowledge and experience, myself and partner Pieter Greyling started Forte Consulting to provide the value-add of implementation and utilization of software. We embarked on a thorough understanding of the software and the application thereof from a non- technical approach and rather industry take. Our business vision is to combine and apply the combination of people, process and systems when implementing industry specific software”.

Currently specialising in a host of segments within the supply chain industry, the companies’ direct and practical interaction with each client has ensured customer-satisfaction to a point whereby Forte Consulting now serves customers in Namibia as well as locally.

Forte Consulting is also committed to education, with the implementation of their Forte LEAP program (Learning Enrichment Achievement Programme), with Bergh stating that the aim of the program is to empower students in taking the proverbial leap from logistical theory to industry, and infusing the passion and possibilities within the sector.

Further information on Forte Consulting may be found at the company’s website