TruckX 2018 saw the staging of the annual SA Express Parcel Association (SAEPA) Speed in a Suit competition sponsored by CarTrack and Fiat. The winner of this year’s challenge was Steven Saffy with Mark Scott and Eddie Vosloo coming in second and third respectively.

Eighteen drivers competed in a race around the short circuit track at Kyalami in the Fiat Doblo to see who could achieve the time closest to the benchmark as set by MasterDrive. Cartrack, the telematics sponsor, was there to monitor harsh braking and cornering which also affected the final score. The event is specifically designed for guests to show off their driving skills in by achieving the quickest and safest amount of time in a vehicle while using the least amount of fuel.

The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says each driver was committed to not only achieving the fastest lap time but driving safely as well. “There were no incidents, which is impressive, considering each driver only had a single lap to perfect their efforts. It also created an opportunity for the competitors to better understand what is required of their drivers when making deliveries.

“The enthusiasm, that each participant and facilitator put into the event did not go unnoticed. With the time demands and pressure each of us faces in our daily lives, taking a moment from your limited time to participate, is difficult. Despite this, this is exactly what everyone did and all involved were well rewarded for their efforts. Congratulations to the top three,” says Herbert. 

Smile you’re on camera

A first for this year’s competition was a recording of the event. For those who could not watch the competition at the track, Cartrack had a large screen displaying footage from two camera video systems inside the venue. Live Vision camera footage was streamed from the Fiat on the Cartrack exhibition stand, providing a practical and live demonstration of the product. The footage will also be provided to each of the contestants as a keepsake of the event and to show off their skills to friends and family.

The origins

Speed in a Suit is the brainchild of the CEO of SAEPA, Garry Marshall. He wanted to create a challenge within his industry which was different and exciting from the competitor’s regular experiences. The challenge provides exactly that.