Entrepreneurs are regarded as important cogs in the business chain – particularly in emerging economies. Commercial vehicle manufacturer Hino recognises that fact and, through its extensive dealer network, has worked to foster relationships with those who display entrepreneurial spirit.

One such businessman is Pieter Hamman, managing director of Freightcor Logistic Services – a company that specialises in the transportation of fuel. From humble beginnings Hamman now runs a fleet of 40 vehicles – 17 of which are Hinos.

Hamman started his business, Action Fuels, in 2000. He used a LDV and a tanker-trailer to transport fuel from supplier Royale Energy to his customers. In 2003 he bought his first new truck – a Hino. By 2015, Action Fuels’ business had grown to the extent that Hamman and Royale Energy merged their transport businesses to establish Freightcor – now the largest private fuel distribution company in South Africa.

Hamman still buys his Hinos from Piet Smit, the Hino Vereeniging sales executive who sold him his first vehicle. “I am extremely happy with the service I’ve received,” he says. “Over the years, good communication has been the key to establishing a sound working relationship.”