Leading South African truck body and trailer manufacturer Serco has upgraded and expanded its Boksburg repair facility to further improve service delivery to customers.

Managing Director Clinton Holcroft says the investment in infrastructure and facilities, which significantly increases the factory’s undercover area, is yet another indication of Serco’s confidence and commitment in the future of the South African economy and reflects the company’s determination to keep raising the standards of service it offers customers.

The impressive extensions comprise ten full length trailer bays, each measuring 18m x 6m – a total of 1080m² of extra work space.

One of the bays is fully equipped to function as a spray booth and includes extraction ducting, fans, inlet filters and flameproof LED lighting.

Meanwhile, three of the enclosed bays operate as a steel shop for the construction of sub-frames and other steel structures.

The remaining six bays are used for repairing insulated and dry freight bodies and trailers.

Three phase and single-phase power sockets as well as compressed air outlets have been installed in all work areas.

Over and above this, a paved area of 2400m² has been added to service an additional 20 vehicles in fully serviced outside work bays.

Holcroft said there was now a great deal more undercover working space available. “This will help service delivery – particularly when the weather is poor,” he said.

“The area previously used for repairs will now be used for storage of materials, which will free up additional space in the new body manufacturing factory, also located on the property.

“The increase to our existing facilities in Johannesburg will help us improve turnaround times for repairs and increase the volumes we can handle. With rising business confidence in South Africa and Johannesburg being the logistics hub of the country, we believe Serco is well placed to handle the business increase and are optimistic about the tremendous potential available, ’’ said Holcroft.

The expansions in Johannesburg follow extensions to Serco’s Durban factory premises and the introduction of injected polyurethane (PUR) foam panel manufacturing technology.

The new technology has enabled Serco to achieve noticeable improvements in thermal performance and panel strength, which reflect its ongoing quest for innovation and commitment to industry-leading standards of product quality.

The new Serco Frost Liner trailer has made a huge impact on the southern African market with its robust design capable of coping with the region’s demanding operating conditions. Specially coated steel facings are applied to the inner and outer surfaces of the insulated panels. The outer facing has a durable smooth finish and UV protection for the weather elements while the interior facing incorporates a food safe PVC coating.

Said Holcroft: “The significant investments made by Serco over these past few years reflect a commitment to offer the latest technology to the industry while striving to increase service delivery.”