Serco has delivered eight new truck bodies to Compass Medical Waste Services to add to the six built for them last year.

Compass medical Waste

Compass Medical Waste Services, a leader in the waste services industry, is a company which sets high standards in connection with vehicle body build and specifications.

Serco took into account the objective of the clients and their need to maintain high environmental standards – and stringent safety legislative requirements. The bodies in turn had to safeguard the health and safety of the employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders of Compass Medical Waste Services as well as incorporate sustainable features wherever feasible.

Three of the larger vehicles included a roof-mounted solar panel system, which powers the tail lift and eliminates the need to idle the truck during collections. The system also provides power for a camera and tracking system.

Further features of the bodies included load restraining rails, straps, a cargo net for containers and storage bins, a trolley fitted to the interior door, a spillage kit box for chemicals and cleaning equipment, and a Hazchem document holder.

The rear doors are fitted with a clawtainer for added security and the rear sill has been raised to prevent spillage of liquids while in transit.

Serco was able to meet the stringent build requirements and is proud to be selected by Compass Medical Waste Services for their vehicle body requirements.