Swedish commercial vehicle manufacturer Scania has noted that connected truck technology not only ensures that heavy vehicles become more efficient, but the technology used in them may decrease theft rates.

With over 170 000 Scania trucks on global roads using connected technology, the company has noted that the technology used may be able to directly prevent the theft of the vehicle, or in the worst case, aid in tracking down the missing vehicle in a short space of time.

“When the Scania Communicator ‘Black Box’ is live in the vehicle, it is able to transmit its location, or be remotely contacted for a GPS location,” notes the manufacturer. “This ability in itself should make a Scania less appealing to potential thieves.”

Recently, Scania Sweden was able to assist in the recovery of a stolen truck used by construction company Ulf Melin Entreprenad. The company – in collaboration with Scania – provided police with the thorough details of the vehicle’s route as well as where it had stopped after the theft had taken place.

“A truck is a driver or business owner’s most important asset and if it is stolen not only is it an inconvenience, but it represents a significant cost to the business,” explained Alexander Sundin, Scania Australia’s Driver Services Manager.

“Everyone in the chain wants the vehicle returned and back on the job as soon as possible. So the Scania Communicator becomes a very valuable tool in helping to identify its location and lead the relevant authority to it to facilitate a speedy recovery.”