Scania launched their One digital platform at this year’s Mobile World Congress; providing a single digital environment for a host of connected services for fleet owners and drivers.

Through Scania One, fleet owners and drivers will have access to the most relevant connected services that can simplify and improve their transport assignments. It constitutes an open customer platform for Scania services as well as external content in the versatile Android tablet device.

“Scania One is our framework for seamlessly and efficiently integrating both current and coming services in a single environment,” says Christian Levin, Executive Vice President, Head of Sales and Marketing, Scania. “I am convinced that these services, taken together, will significantly contribute towards greater efficiency and thereby higher revenues for transport companies.”

Scania One is based on communications technology-giant Ericsson’s software. It is designed to meet the varying needs of customers and drivers related to the trucking operation, transport assignment or simply personal preference. Since services may be added at will, Scania One offers an attractive single device choice. From the purpose-built tablet launcher, drivers can access all apps that the transport company subscribes to.

Scania One features the Scania Fleet Management, the comprehensive monitoring and analytical system that provides fleet owners with an overview of equipment and drivers. It offers in-depth data on performance trends with regard to crucial factors that directly affect costs, such as fuel consumption and wear. It is also an invaluable tool in fleet planning, providing information on position and servicing requirements.

The condensed Fleet Performance app provides an abbreviated version of Scania Fleet Management with the most pertinent information.

In addition, Scania One features a number of services including, Check before you drive, Scania Assistance, and Guide me. Moreover, Scania One is compatible with the cloud-based platform offered by Volkswagen Truck & Bus, which also serves as the base for RIO.