If one of your trucks is involved in a rollover, the cost can soar into the millions. This kind of loss can be extremely damaging to your business and every business owner should do everything possible to reduce occurrences of rollovers. An international study analysed truck rollovers and found the causes of these accidents can be broken down into main three categories, all of which can be greatly reduced with practical training.

Rollovers are most often as a result of driver error: failure to adjust to speed, load carried, condition of the brakes and condition of the road and traffic.

A second common factor in rollover crashes is a lack of attention as a result of fatigue, distraction or just being inattentive. Like the first cause this also often requires a sudden correction, which if done incorrectly results in a rollover.

Over or under steering is the third most common cause of rollovers.

Something which could be a game changer for rollover prevention training is giving drivers an opportunity to see what a rollover actually feels like. It is for this reason that MasterTrucker specially built a rollover prevention truck. The fully equipped tanker is fitted with an extra set of wheels on the outrigger. This allows a rollover to happen but prevents the truck from actually going over. The driver can see how even something as small as a 5km/h increase in speed around a corner can result in a rollover.

“After receiving training in this truck drivers are better equipped to react when faced with a scenario which has a high risk of rollover. Drivers are not only taught the theory of how to avoid a rollover in classroom exercises but have an opportunity to put what they learn into practice. Use of cameras also assists drivers to understand underlying reasons for rollovers,” says Eugene Herbert, MD of MasterTrucker.

Afrox is an example of a company which had some of the worst roll-overs but by 2013 had none. This drastic transformation occurred after they underwent the roll-over prevention training with MasterTrucker. As each rollover could cost them R10 million plus, the savings from this were massive.

If your business could benefit from MasterTrucker’s revolutionary rollover prevention training, give them a call on 011 867 4805. Giving your drivers the practical skills to handle a potential rollover can make a difference that extends into the millions.