We are happy to announce the imminent launch of the RMI’s new website, which has been redesigned to improve its user friendliness, navigation capabilities and overall appeal. In addition to the
fresh design and layout of the pages, new functions have been added to this version, which means an improved experience for all the visitors. The new and updated website, with more information and tools available to the researcher and reader, brings to life
this important channel of communication between the RMI and our loyal RMI members, business partners, consumers and the motoring public at large. That’s why we are so excited to invite all readers of the Automobil magazine to the RMI’s new online home – because it
makes doing business with the RMI and its Associations even easier.

The redesigned site offers quick and easy access to essential information (such as the latest on wages, labour news, legislative changes, new developments and trends, and RMI member contact
details) while giving visitors insight into the RMI’s value proposition and various other pieces of highly valuable content.
The aim of the improved website is to offer both the RMI’s members and the public the latest news and developments in the automotive sector, and regular updates will effectively communicate to
the motoring public that doing business with RMI members provides motoring peace of mind.

The clean, uncluttered design and  improved functionality focuses on the Organisation’s mission to provide total peace of mind to our members and to the public as a whole. The new website will go live during November 2017, and will be located at the same web address:
www.rmi.org.za Some of the features include: – The design of the web pages and the structure of information have been changed to improve the overview and usability – right at your fingertips.
– The website portrays the latest newsworthy stories that can be viewed at a glance. This will be continually updated, making the site current and keeping it interesting for our readers. – Easy access to the RMI’s social media platforms – our readers are encouraged to join our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, too. – Names and contact details of the RMI Board and management have been listed, so feel free to talk to us about anything – The members’ listing can be viewed by consumers and RMI members through the “Find a member navigation” functionality, making it easy for visitors and consumers to find one of our trusted RMI members and to do business with them.

Members’ contact detail update – RMI members will be able to update their own information, and this will increase visibility and make it easier for the public to search for RMI members. – The Automobil magazine’s front page will be embedded on the home page
and act as an easy link to the latest digital version of Automobil.
– Look out for the “RMI at a glance” button for a short overview of RMI. – More emphasis will be placed on the RMI Associations (in light of the New Thinking Model), with a clear description of what each
Association entails.

– Easy Associational links will directly go to the various Associational
websites. Whether this is your first encounter with the RMI or whether you are a longstanding RMI member, we hope to see you online soon and that you will enjoy browsing through our new site! For any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact the
RMI Communications Manager at danelle.vandermerwe@rmi.org.za
As always, for members “Belonging is Better Business”, and for consumers and the motoring public, “Our voice is your peace of mind”.