The Central North Trade Corridor Association – in conjunction with podcast talk show host Marlo Anderson of “The Tech Ranch” – are devising a plan to create a highway for driverless vehicles.

The route with encompass the 1885 mile (3033km) long U.S Highway 83, a motorway which is said to be virtually unused.

Highway 83 runs through a multitude of states, crossing the border in Manitoba Canada, extending south past North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, with the final destination ending on the Mexican border.

Under the current plan, the autonomous highway would be a United States first, allowing driverless vehicles to transport cargo and well as passengers.

Meanwhile Anderson and the Central North Trade Corridor Association are working on a coalition between the six states and Canada.

“The tie between North Dakota and Canada is fairly strong at this point,” comments Anderson. “If all goes to plan, this will surely become a footprint for the rest of the United States to follow”.