Oshkosh Corporation – the designer and builder of the world’s toughest speciality trucks and truck bodies – has been awarded a United States military contract worth $677.1-million.

The venture will include a budget of $433.3-million dedicated to the refurbishment of some of the Military’s largest trucks used in Afghanistan; while $243.8-million has been set aside for the purchase of 657 new Joint Light Tactical  Vehicles (JLTV’s), which are said to be replacing the trusted Humvee.

As the backbone on the United States war efforts – transporting weapons, ammunition and the like – many of the trucks used in both the Iraq and Afghanistan are more than 20 years old and in need of replacement.

Furthermore, the contract will support more than 2500 new jobs within Oshkosh, as well as hundreds at the company’s suppliers, and is said to be completed in late 2024.