21ftfuchs-logoFuchs has unveiled its latest commercial lubricant, Fuchs Titan Cargo SAE 15W-40. The oil has been specially designed for use in diesel-powered vans and trucks, and is said to combine state-of-the-art additive technology with a new base matrix that has high oxidation stability.

According to John Anderson, Automotive and OEM Manager at Fuchs Lubricants South Africa, the product offers a number of advantages to vehicles fitted with technology such as diesel particulate filters, oxidation catalysts, two-stage turbochargers, SCR catalysts or a combination of the systems.

21ftfuchs-titan-cargoHe says tests have shown that Titan Cargo produces low sulphated ash levels and low content levels of phosphorus and sulphur. “Furthermore, it has the highest neutralisation potential (TBN) in its class, offering durable protection against aggressive acids and corrosion during the entire oil drain interval. The reduced content of heavy metals also minimises contaminant emissions,” he says.





21ftshell-logo1Shell is looking to strengthen its position as major supplier of heavy duty diesel engine oil (HDDEO) by introducing a new range of Rimula branded products. The range comprises fully-synthetic oils that feature Shell’s unique Dynamic Protection Plus Technology.

According to Anton Niemand, Manager for Commercial Lubricant Sales at Shell, Rimula R6 LM 10W-40 carries a CJ-4 grading that exceeds specifications identified by OEMs such as ACEA, MAN and Mercedes-Benz for engine wear and cleanliness, ensuring extended drain intervals and lower emissions.

21ftshell-rimulaHe claims the oil offers up to 53% better protection against wear and deposits while reducing oil consumption by as much as 45%. “The oil’s low SAPs formulation also significantly reduces downtime from clogging of diesel particulate filters by ash,” he says.





21ftlcaltex-logoChevron South Africa has announced the launch of its latest oil for diesel engines – Caltex Delo 400 MGX SAE 15W-40. The oil, produced at the brand’s manufacturing plant in Durban, is said to have been designed to meet local market requirements.

21ftcaltex-delo-400It can be used in a range of diesel engines and has been developed to help reduce exhaust emissions. Delo spokesman Leonard Badal says the product offers excellent wear protection and sludge control and helps to reduce oil consumption.

“The improved formulation benefits new and older diesel engines, thereby helping customers to utilise just one heavy duty engine oil that operates efficiently in both high- and low-sulphur fuel environments,” he says.



HED: Safety in reverse

WABCO’s TailGuard Blind Spot Detection System is said to help to reduce risks when a truck is being reversed by identifying even small static or moving objects behind the vehicle and autonomously applying brakes to stop the manoeuvre.

“The system plays an important role in bringing fleet working environments closer to achieving zero accidents,” says WABCO’s Managing Director, Enoch Silcock. “Statistics indicate that up to 35% of incidents involving trailer damage – colliding with pallets, docking stations, gates, trees, forklifts and other vehicles – and as many as 40% of fatal accidents occur when the vehicle is being reversed.”

The WABCO system, which is automatically activated when reverse gear is selected, makes use of up to six ultrasonic sensors. An optional display can be incorporated in the cabin. Brakes are applied automatically when either fixed or moving objects are detected within 3m of the back of the trailer. Additionally, TailGuard automatically slows the vehicle to 9km/h should reversing speed exceed this limit.

The TailGuard system can be tailored to meet the needs of a wide variety of environments and vehicle types and can be retrofitted with Trailer EBS E Premium version 2 (2011) or higher. It complies with best-in-class automotive standard ISO 12155 for reversing systems for commercial road vehicles and is compatible with latest truck-tractor models.

HED: Throwing light

Ring Automotive, a pioneer of LED inspection lighting for garages and workshops, has introduced a robust but stylish under-bonnet lamp designed for use in a range of vehicles, including cars, light commercial vehicles and 4x4s.

Three LEDs provide an output of 1 000 lumens, and a long operating time allows full work-day usage. The head is adjustable so that light can be shone into the engine bay exactly where it is required.

Colour balanced to exude a bright, white light, the lamp is manufactured from sturdy polycarbonate and aluminium. It is powered by a rechargeable 3,7-volt 10400mAh Li-ion battery that incorporates an illuminated status indicator and an AC mains adaptor.