Hijackers are facing a challenge which has the potential to make it more difficult for them to get away with their crimes.

New technology has been introduced aimed at drastically reducing the amount of time during which an alert for a hijacked or stolen car is issued.

Pro-Active South Africa has an intelligence sharing database, which distributes pre-loaded information on any hijacked or stolen vehicle via their website to 137 security service providers and enforcers.

If your vehicle is stolen or hijacked, you can enter information using your PC, or use the GPS co-ordinates when you use your smartphone. The information is circulated within seven seconds of being entered.

The MD of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, commends the technology and its potential to put more power in the hands of motorists.

“It is for this reason we have joined forces with Pro-Active and encourage everyone to seriously consider empowering themselves and their employees with this technology. If we can considerably reduce the time it takes to put security forces on high alert, this could positively impact South Africa’s crime levels.”

The MD of Pro-Active, Ryno Schutte, is excited about what the future holds.

“By working together with a company which takes the safety of motorists seriously, we have the potential to bring about change to the hijacking crisis South Africans face. The more people empower themselves with us, the greater the potential for change.

“As other crimes, such as house burglaries and armed robberies are often connected to hijackers, the effects will be far-reaching. For companies that operate fleets, possible recovery of vehicles can reduce the impact on productivity and the financial loss hijacking and theft causes them.”

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