Messe Frankfurt, organisers of Automechanika events around the world, has engaged global transport consultancy Frost & Sullivan to help it devise a new mobility trade fair – Hypermotion. The agreement was signed last month.

The consultants have been brought in to address topics pertinent to all forms of transportation, the idea of Hypermotion being to provide a platform to highlight requirements and opportunities for the 21st Century mobility industry.

In a statement, a Frost & Sullivan spokesman says the company will offer industry knowledge as well as conceptual approaches to ensure the programme reflects the needs of new mobility challenges.

“With Hypermotion, Messe Frankfurt will be able to unite key stakeholders such as traditional OEMs, start-ups, transportation providers, technology developers and governmental players to facilitate productive exchange and the exploration of potential collaborations,” the statement says.

According to Arunprasad Nandakumar, team leader for Frost & Sullivan’s Autonomous Driving Division: “With the fair and conference evolving around digitalisation, decarbonisation and disruption, we feel right in our element and are glad to contribute to what we believe will emerge as a major industry event, setting cutting edge standards and bringing people together to shape the future of mobility.”

Michael Johannes, Vice President of Mobility & Logistics at Messe Frankfurt, said: “Convergence between industries – for example bringing healthcare and wellbeing into the connected car – is a major driver behind our collaboration. Frost & Sullivan is excellently positioned to add value to our overall concept.”