The town of Coburg in Baveria, Germany, has sent a specially-grown 12-metre tall fir tree to Queen Elizabeth II, transported by Mercedes-Benz CharterWay to Windsor Castle.

Taking the wheel of the Mercedes-Benz Actros 1845 LS alongside haulage operator Christoph Hofmann, was Christian Schleicher, who is responsible for marketing communications for the Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles sales department in Bavaria.

“It is a great honour for CharterWay to be permitted to transport this precious load comprising of the tree itself and 2 000 handmade, fragile Christmas baubles,” he said.

A shipment of this importance required specialised expertise and equipment, with the tree weighing around two tons and taking up a total volume of about 54 cubic metres. Cranes were used to hoist the tree on and off the truck.