MAN’s Bus Modification Centre (BMC), in conjunction with the company’s subsidiary, NEOPLAN, has modified a touring bus for a German transport firm.

Though from the outside the vehicle appears to be a standard double-decker NEOPLAN Skyliner, the interior has been customised to accommodate touring pop stars, with only luxury items used to equip it.

The bottom deck – the living area – features four back-to-back tables and seats, while a kitchen boasts a ceramic hob and the latest catering gadgetry. An on-board bathroom includes a shower with a dedicated 63-litre fresh water tank.

The upper deck comprises a lounge and sleeping area for up to 20 people and features a number of couches and double bunk beds. There is also a quiet, private area in which the driver can relax, using a bed that folds out of the bus’s staircase.

In designing the interior, the BMC used a modular system that relied on retaining points in existing rails, meaning that interior equipment can be flexibly fitted and reconfigured – or even taken out entirely without damaging the structure to return the bus to its original state.