KANU Commercial Body Construction is proud to announce the appointment of its new Board.

Newly appointed Board Chairman Billy Tom (Isuzu Motors South Africa Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director) leads a dynamic new KANU Board consisting of Mandlakazi Sigcawu (Isuzu Motors South Africa Executive: Corporate and Public Affairs), Duvan de Ridder (KANU: Finance Manager), Michiyuki Miura (Isuzu Motors South Africa Chief Financial Officer) and Ingo Epler-Brandenburg (KANU Commercial Body Construction Chief Operating Officer).

KANU Commercial Body Construction is a wholly owned subsidiary of Isuzu Motors South Africa that operates independently and was established in 2015 to create extended value to commercial vehicle customers.

This strategic business move has ensured that Isuzu together with KANU have the capacity to initiate and build products according to client specifications. KANU specialises in the design and manufacturing of innovative body applications and custom-built solutions.

“KANU is known for their innovative solutions and continue to create the required solution for you – no matter how high, remote or off-road the work may be. Our aim as the incoming board is to continue with the hard work,” said Ingo Epler-Brandenburg, KANU Commercial Body Construction Chief Operating Officer.

For the first time a woman has been appointed to the KANU Board, with the selection of Mandlakazi Sigcawu. Sigcawu recently joined Isuzu as Department Executive: Corporate and Public Affairs and comes with a wealth of leadership experience.

She previously held a leadership role at a Fortune 500 company, where she was the Head of Communication and Transformation, managing projects across East and Southern African markets.

KANU is a proud Level One contributor on the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) scorecard as well as ISO9001 accredited.

Epler-Brandenburg thanked outgoing KANU Board members Craig Uren, Chris Jonk and Michael Pienaar.

“I am extremely honoured and excited to work with the highly respected new members of our Board and the team at Kanu. As a collective we are committed to continuing the rewarding work of KANU by living up to our motto, ‘Delivering Creative Solutions’,” said Ingo Epler-Brandenburg, KANU Commercial Body Construction Chief Operating Officer.