The Daily, crowned International Van of the Year 2018 for its sustainable Daily Blue Power family, celebrates its 40th Anniversary.

First launched in 1978, the Daily revolutionised light commercial transport with its truck-derived chassis with rear traction and independent front suspension, which give it its unique versatility, reliability and efficiency.

The Daily, now in its third generation, has constantly evolved over the past 40 years, always remaining true to its DNA while pushing the boundaries of innovation and integrating the evolving requirements of customers to become today’s champion of sustainability.

Throughout the 40 years since its launch, the Daily has introduced numerous industry firsts and received recognition from industry experts, resulting in an impressive collection of international awards.

The IVECO Daily is celebrating 40 years of pushing the boundaries of innovation, versatility and efficiency in light commercial vehicles. Since it was first launched in 1978, it has introduced ground-breaking innovations that have changed the industry: from the adoption of a truck-derived chassis with rear traction and independent front suspension, to the introduction of Common Rail technology in 1999 – a world first – or the advanced Electronic Stability Program (ESP) for regulating vehicle handling during steering and braking.

Over the years since its launch, the Daily has constantly evolved to meet the changing needs of customers, always remaining true to its DNA. It has led the way with its efficient and environmentally friendly technologies, as these demands have become increasingly critical to the transport sector. To this date, it is ahead of the industry in sustainability with the unique concept of the Daily Blue Power: a vehicle family that frees transport operators from the constraints of the strictest environmental regulations and was awarded the title of “International Van of the Year 2018”.
The more than 3 million Daily vehicles, manufactured on 3 continents, which are on the roads in 110 countries are testament to this family’s popularity and exceptional capacity for adapting to meet the specific needs of our customers across the world.

Pierre Lahutte, IVECO Brand President, commented: “This year we are celebrating an important milestone in the life of the Daily – a family of vehicles that has been ahead of the industry right from its beginning, and 40 years on is spearheading the industry’s transition to sustainable transport. Throughout its long history, it has enjoyed enormous success with transport operators and industry experts alike, reaping numerous awards across the world. It is a vehicle family that has always looked to the future, and has known how to anticipate our customers’ needs while remaining true to its core values of versatility, reliability and efficiency – always the perfect partner for our customers’ business and environmental sustainability.”

Today the Daily is a vehicle at the forefront of the industry, with a success built on its historical strengths that make up its DNA – starting from its unique chassis frame, which gives it the robustness and versatility it is known for. The load-bearing structure with ‘C’ shaped, special steel cross-members, is the best platform for bodybuilders to adapt for the most diverse missions – including special vehicles such as motorhomes, couriers, waste collection, tippers, cranes, public services, tow trucks, ambulances. It has gained recognition for its unique features, such as rear wheel drive and the 4×4 version.

It offers the widest line-up in the industry ranging from 3.3 right up to 7.2 tonnes of gross vehicle weight, and from 7.3 m3 up to 19.6 m3 cargo volumes. Its advanced features use technology to push the boundaries of performance, raise comfort to a new level, deliver more connectivity and lower its Total Cost of Ownership, reflecting its Business Instinct and making it the perfect business partner.

With the Blue Power Family, it leads the way in sustainability, anticipating the future with the most advanced diesel and alternative traction technologies: the Daily Euro 6 RDE 2020 Ready, the first LCV ready for 2020 Real Driving Emissions regulations; the Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power, the first CNG vehicle with an 8-speed automatic gearbox in the LCV industry; and the zero-emissions Daily Electric. This family offers the perfect solution for unlimited delivery in urban and suburban missions, opening round-the-clock access to city centres with the strictest noise and emissions abatement regulations.

Forty years of industry firsts, setting new standards

  • 1978: the first Daily is a 17 cubic metre van with 210 cm interior height – the first in the industry – powered by a 2.5 litre diesel engine.
  • 1984: the family is extended with the arrival of the first Daily 4×4.
  • 1985: the TurboDaily is the first light commercial vehicle to introduce turbodiesel technology.
  • 1992: the first unit comes off the assembly line of the Valladolid Plant in Spain.
  • 1996: the Daily offering is extended, now with a choice of two engines: the 2.5 litre turbodiesel and a new, more powerful 2.8 litre engine.
  • 1998: the ECODaily is the first light commercial vehicle featuring a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engine.
  • 1999: the second generation Daily reaches the market and is immediately crowned “Van of the Year 2000” – it is the first vehicle in the industry to introduce Common Rail technology.
  • 2000: Production begins in Brazil, in addition to the manufacturing plant in Suzzara.
  • 2004: the Daily family is extended again, with a more powerful offering featuring a 3.0 litre turbodiesel engine reaching up to 176 hp.
  • The same year, production of the Daily begins also in China.
  • 2006: New design and introduction of ESP (Electronic Stability Program), which regulates vehicle handling during steering and braking.
  • 2009: the wide line-up extends further to include a 7 ton version.
  • Also in 2009 the innovative Daily Electric is launched.
  • 2010: the Daily reaches the milestone of 2 million units sold in the world.
  • 2014: the third generation Daily is launched and immediately crowned “Van of the Year 2015”; it takes the markets by storm and goes on to collect numerous awards across the world. Its wide line-up includes the brand new Daily Hi-Matic, featuring IVECO’s class-exclusive 8-speed automatic transmission that immediately becomes a best seller.
  • 2016: the Daily Euro 6 builds on this success and further raises the bar on performance with advanced features such as the intelligent EcoSwitch PRO system that automatically reduces torque when needed without driver intervention, reducing fuel consumption with no compromise to productivity. It also introduces a new level of connectivity with its revolutionary app, BUSINESS UP.
  • 2017: the sustainable Daily Blue Power family enters the market with the unique offer of three technologies – electric, natural gas and the most advanced diesel technology on the market that meets 2020 Real Driving Emissions regulations three years ahead of time. It crowned “Van of the Year 2018”.