Hyva, the world market leader in Front End Cylinders and one of the top global players in equipment for Lifting & Loading and the Environmental industry, is making a key step the market for electric solutions with a new E-Power crane.

This initiative represents an important step for Hyva in offering electric solutions on its products and systems, responding to customer requirements and market trends for increased sustainability.

Electric power, rather than conventional diesel power, offers considerable benefits including improved energy efficiency and lower environmental impact: no exhaust fume emissions and lower noise levels. It also provides a much healthier working environment for crane operators as they no longer need to work with the noise and exhaust fumes from a diesel engine.

The innovative E-Power solution has been initially applied on the Kennis Rolloader crane K14 and will be presented at IAA 2018.

In the Kennis E-Power, the conventional diesel engine is substituted with an electric engine unit, comprised of a battery pack, an electric motor, a smart electronic control system which optimises power supply and a display which shows the battery status.

Key powertrain characteristics:

  • MRT Powertrain system by IET SpA, with permanent magnet motor (PMAC) and controller using last generation power semiconductors;
  • High density battery pack also by IET, with BMS guaranteeing thermal management, performance and safety.

The crane can be operated when the truck engine is switched off, without noise and exhaust fumes, and it is therefore ideal for urban areas, for night work and for indoor use.

This E-Power initiative is an important step for Hyva in offering electric solutions”explained Marco Mazzù, CEO of Hyva. It recognises customer demand for electrically operated vehicles and is responding to increasingly strict environmental regulation on diesel exhaust emissions and noise pollution. We see several electrically powered vehicles in the automotive industry and they will also become progressively more important in the truck business. Hyva target is to play as protagonist in this business and innovation field.”

For further information, visit www.hyva.com