Daimler Trucks North America has produced the first road legal self-driving truck, making the truck the first large autonomous truck of its kind that can legally drive on various highways.

2015 saw the group’s Freightliner Inspiration being granted a license for open road driving in the state of Nevada.

The Inspiration makes use of radar sensors, cameras and servomotors in order to detect other vehicles, road markings and objects, and is able to respond to these hazards without the assistance of a driver in order to steer, brake or accelerate.

According to Daimler Trucks North America, trucks transported 70% of all freight in the United States during 2012, with 90% of road accidents being as a result of driver distraction and drowsiness. Furthermore, DTNA state that these numbers will be reduced drastically with the eminent rollout of autonomous technology within the sector – saving countless lives and millions of dollars.