Ford has introduced their latest range of smart trucks to the Ghanaian market, thereby upgrading its existing fleet and boosting the growing construction works in the nation.

The Construction, Tractor and Road series of the Ford trucks – which include trailers, tipper trucks, concrete mixers, sewage collectors, amongst others – are said to have been specifically engineered to not only execute heavy duty tasks, but to ensure that optimum fuel efficiency has been achieved.

“We are always looking for every opportunity to reduce the fuel consumption of our vehicles,” says Head of International Markets Ercan Emrah Duman.

“Even as we launch these models, our engineering team is still working on ideas for the future models on how to reduce the fuel consumption because we believe that every single gram of fuel is important to our customers.”

Ford he added is also obsessed about reducing the maintenance cost of owners, and hence is constantly investigating on how to increase the number of spare parts needed for maintenance.

“If we are replacing a part after 60,000km or 100,000km why can’t we increase it to 200,000km? We are always asking ourselves these questions in order to improve our products on the basis of the cost of ownership” he stressed.

In addition to the ownership savings, Ford has also fitted the new trucks with security features such as immobilisers, while ESB systems ensure that the trucks manoeuvring is monitored and adjusted by the smart systems.