Daimler Truck Southern Africa is earnestly dedicated to driver wellbeing and in partnership with Trucking Wellness, thousands of truck driver lives have been positively impacted by providing access to primary healthcare through fixed roadside wellness centres, fully-fledged mobile wellness centres and the DTSA key account customer’s Fleet Owner Workplace Wellness Programme. On 19 April 2024, Pool Transport officially became the 10th DTSA key account customer to complete the DTSA Fleet Owner Workplace Wellness Programme under the guidance of the National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight and Logistics Industry (NBCRFLI)’s Trucking Wellness Project. 

The DTSA Fleet Owner Workplace Wellness Programme is an exclusive value-added benefit for DTSA’s key account customers that started in 2013. The programme incorporates all employees, but with a unique approach on driver health to minimize the impact of disease and ill health on the customer’s financial, operational, human resource and total cost of ownership. 

Over the past 11 years, the program has continuously evolved, enhancing content to meet emerging customer needs. This year Pool Transport was a catalyst to align the DTSA Fleet Owner Workplace Programme with RTMS accreditation, developing the first fatigue management policy and assisting in the development of a medical certification process for truck drivers.  

Dirkie van Zyl, the Managing Director of Pool Transport had the following to say about the completion of the programme: “The wellness of our drivers is a priority and joint responsibility of the company and employees to fulfil our duty to directly contribute to the safety of our roads. Pool Transport is committed to foster a culture of wellness and empowerment through our organisation. We extend our sincere gratitude to DTSA for their support, commitment, and investment in the health and wellness of our employees. We would further like to thank  Trucking Wellness and the NBCRFLI for their contribution to this ongoing wellness initiative in the transport industry of South Africa, and more specifically for Pool Transport.”

Tertius Wessels, Managing Director of Corridor Empowerment Project, Managing Trucking Wellness for the NBCRFLI adds: “Our 15-year partnership with Daimler Truck Southern Africa led to much closer relationships with transport companies, such as Pool Transport.  It allows for increased understanding and use of Trucking Wellness and other NBCRFLI wellness services, whilst implementing programmes with true shared value for all stakeholders.”  

“DTSA remains committed to advancing access to primary healthcare for truck drivers in South Africa, because we know that a healthy truck driver is a safe truck driver, contributing to safer roads for all South Africans. DTSA’s Fleet Owner Workplace Wellness Programme is one of the vehicles to achieve this goal and I am thankful for partners like Trucking Wellness and Pool Transport for their efforts and commitment to complete this programme and make a lasting impact towards this amazing cause.” Maretha Gerber, President and Group CEO concludes.