In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Mercedes-Benz’s Actros model in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, Daimler recently launched a special edition unit of the model, fitting it with a number of current and innovative technologies.

The special edition 3844 S 6×4 Actros, brings the manufacturers proprietary driver assistance technologies to the region for the first time; including innovations such as Active Brake Assist, Telligent Lane Assist, Telligent Proximity Control, anti-lock braking, and acceleration skid control.

In a region where road accidents involving heavy commercial vehicles are frequent and with high fatality rates, the adoption of these technologies are all aimed at increasing road safety.

The statement notes the slow but eventual adoption of automated transmissions, with the uptake attributed to the increased awareness surrounding the lower cost of ownership that goes hand in hand with the reduction in gearbox and clutch wear that these gearboxes offer.

When asked if the adoption of the new innovation technologies fitted to the truck will follow a similar trend to that of the automated transmissions, Roland Schneider, president and CEO of Daimler Commercial Vehicles MENA, comments that the region has always been reluctant to adopt new technology.”

“I would be happy if the safety systems are picked up at the same speed as with Power-Shift, because we’ve seen a very positive response from customers who were in favour of it.”

“Once they have it in their fleets they clearly see the advantages and they are quite happy with it. Now we have to encourage the same for the safety systems. But this is not going to happen overnight, and we have other technologies that will take some time to get off the ground here in the Middle East.”

The special edition Actros has been fitted with Mercedes-Benz’ Power-Shift 16-speed automated gearshift, hydraulic retarder, and V6 Euro 3 engine delivering 435hp and 2 100Nm of torque.

In addition, its striking livery includes a carbon black paint finish with silver stripes, an LED-lit Mercedes-Benz star, chrome finished air-horns and a ‘20 Years Actros’ emblem.