Six decades ago, ISUZU Trucks began its journey in South Africa with a simple yet powerful vision: to provide reliable, durable, and innovative commercial vehicles to meet the evolving needs of businesses across the nation. As we celebrate our 60th anniversary of truck, we reflect on a rich history filled with milestones, achievements, excellence, and a steadfast commitment to offer transport solutions to large fleets and single-unit operators alike.

Since our inception, ISUZU Trucks has been synonymous with quality and performance. We entered the South African market in 1964, introducing the iconic ISUZU Elfin TKG 10 petrol-engine 1½ ton truck, marking the beginning of a legacy that would shape the transportation industry for decades to come.

Over the years, we have continuously raised the bar, introducing groundbreaking technologies and pioneering advancements that have redefined the standards of excellence in commercial vehicles and consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation to deliver vehicles that exceed expectations. Securing the top spot in the cab-over-chassis market in the medium- and heavy commercial vehicle segments for 11 years consecutively is testament of our trucks’ unwavering reliability and durability.

One of our key pillars of success lies in our relentless pursuit of technological advancement and environmental sustainability. As part of our 5-step alternative propulsion journey towards full Carbon Neutral New Energy Vehicles, in addition to EURO 5 models already available, we are excited to announce that Diesel Dual Fuel is now available as an option on 20 of our truck models, offering customers a more sustainable and efficient transportation solution. The recently introduced NPR 400 Compressed Natural Gas model further expands our range of environmentally friendly vehicles.

As we commemorate 60 years of ISUZU Trucks in South Africa, we extend our sincere gratitude to our customers, partners, and employees for their unwavering support and trust. Together, we have achieved remarkable milestones and overcome challenges, and we remain committed to driving innovation, excellence, and sustainability in the years to come.