Fierce competition in the trucking industry coupled with commercial vehicle operators having to face a multitude of challenges, including rising fuel prices, congested roads and escalating operating costs, mean transport and logistics businesses need to operate at ultimate efficiency. Castrol is fully committed to assisting its trucking customers maximise profit.

“The value that commercial vehicles and related equipment deliver to business and the entire nation’s economy, largely depends on robust lubricants and fluids that are capable of helping engines combat heavy loads in challenging environments. When they also help extend service intervals and long, healthy engine life, the value is even greater,” says Shane Solomon, Castrol South Africa, Marketing Head, Africa.

“Castrol’s Commercial Vehicle Oils provide a total fluid solution to our customers. By working closely with them, to learn about their specific equipment and lubrication needs, we can then assist customers in creating a world class lubrication programme that provides equipment protection which translates into enhanced profits, reliability and lower ownership costs,” he says.

Fact: An average truck consumes 150 litres of engine oil and 150 litres of other fluids in a year: 45 times that of an average passenger car.

By working closely with its clients and commercial vehicle manufacturers (OEMs), Castrol has developed a range of oils that reflect different business priorities. Each product has been engineered with its own strengths, giving the customer a real choice of what goes into their trucks’ engines.

Engine Oils

Taking into account that the annual average consumption of engine oil for a single truck is 150 litres, it is imperative that a business focuses on savings when it comes to using the correct oil.

Castrol’s range of diesel engine oils are formulated to deliver a high level of engine protection throughout service intervals, which help save on maintenance costs, repairs and downtime. Castrol has developed lubricants with formulations specifically to boost advanced protection and engine life.

Antifreeze and Coolant

The annual average consumption of coolant for a single truck is a whopping 55 litres. Castrol’s antifreeze/coolant range, which includes the approved and latest technologies, offers outstanding protection and longer engine life, maintaining performance even under extreme conditions.

Today’s high-performance truck and bus engines run hotter than ever before and require high-performance coolant products to keep internal stresses to a minimum. From vehicle to vehicle the materials that make up respective cooling systems are different, so it’s imperative that the correct types of coolants are used in order to prevent damage to engines and ancillary systems.


Trucks and buses are often subjected to challenging environments such as heavy loads, dirt and water, and many critical components rely on protection and lubrication from a grease layer.

The annual grease usage for a single truck is a hefty 25 litres. Castrol’s choice of greases ranges from multipurpose to special greases with Castrol technology providing outstanding protection and longer component life under demanding conditions.

Automatic and Manual Transmission Fluids

Automatic and Manual Transmission Fluids (ATF/MTF) often endure the harshest temperatures and loads, and are critical to keeping commercial vehicles mobile. As transmissions become more complex there’s a need for more technologically advanced fluids to ensure vehicle reliability.

Knowing that the annual fluid usage for automatic and manual transmission gear boxes of a truck is an average of 66 litres, using the right fluid is key to ensuring the transmission operates as designed and maintains performance throughout the lifetime of the vehicle.

Castrol, with over 120 years of experience in developing transmission fluids, and being the choice of many leading truck and transmission manufacturers for factory-fill products, offers a range of fluids which provide peace of mind to the operator that the right oil for a vehicle is selected.

Axle and Universal Oils

As the loads trucks and buses are subjected to become heavier and the need for durability increases, axle fluids are more and more critical for vehicle reliability. Getting the correct oil for your vehicle is key to ensuring your axles and universals operate as designed and get the maximum protection under severe conditions.

Castrol, the choice of many leading truck and transmissions manufacturers for factory-fill products, offers a range of axle and universal oils for a variety of commercial vehicle requirements and applications.

“Castrol’s complete product range for commercial vehicles, from engine oils to transmission fluids, coolants and greases, has been formulated to provide high levels of protection to increase the time a truck or fleet of trucks is on the road, delivering unwavering value to the total cost of ownership. Its line of high-performance lubricants far exceeds the performance of conventional lubricants in a wide variety of industrial and automotive applications,” concludes Solomon.