Heavy-duty engines produce high amounts of soot, are exposed to the harshest of climates and demand ultimate protection against wear and acids. You are putting your equipment to the test, every single day. In order to guarantee maximal output, you need the right lubricants to assist you. That’s where we step in! As a leading independent producer of performance lubricants with over 65 years of expertise, Champion Lubricants offers all you need when it comes to heavy-duty!

We will now take you on a journey to explore our products and services for your heavy-duty needs as well as a quick tour into our thrilling partnership with Big Shock!

Heavy-duty: Your challenges, our expertise

When your equipment is not operating, it’s costing you money. It’s as simple as that. The key is to arm yourself with the right partner and reliable products to keep you going and to push your boundaries.

We know you might face challenges like cold climates, high load, evolving engine designs, low fuel quality, idling and drain interval with your heavy-duty engine. All of these challenges might cause wear, engine breakdown, excessive heat and downtime for your engines, meaning extra costs for you! Our fluids are developed to boost engine performance, reduce downtime, decrease cost of ownership, increase fuel economy and extend equipment life – exactly what you need to respond to these challenges.

Champion is the lubricant brand of choice whenever outward performance relies on inner power. Our heavy-duty products are formulated to protect the core structure of the oil and create more robust oil film strength. The technology within our products ensures Champion lubricants can do their job more effectively for longer, withstanding extreme forces, pressure and strain in today’s engines, even in the most extreme working conditions.

 What makes us unique? 

Check out why we are confident that our products are unique and tailored for your needs: 

  • Experience: We are a leading independent producer of performance lubricants, fully dedicated to this field for more than 65 years. We blend all our products on-site in Belgium. 
  • One-stop solution: Complete product range that provides all vehicles and their parts with the right lubricant or fluid (engine, transmission, cooling system, brakes, etc.).  
  • OEM approvals: Our expertise is validated by an extensive range of OEM-approved high-quality products. 
  • Speed to the market: We are fast to respond to the market needs. 
  • Motorsport partnerships: We establish partnership with the prominent motorsports to test our lubricants in the most demanding conditions and bring them from race to road! 
  • All-round services: Our specialised teams provide you with excellent services and technical support. A few examples: 
  • Our product recommendation tool on our website www.championlubes.com helps you find the right product for any vehicle or application! 
  • Our expert team is ready for all your lubricant questions and on-site assistance! 
  • Our oil analysis programme gives you tailor-made advice on customer and vehicle level.

Our new Iveco Euro 6 engine oil

Recently, Champion Lubricants launched a new engine oil, OEM SPECIFIC 0W20 UHPD EXTRA FE, specifically formulated for the IVECO Stralis trucks fitted with EURO 6 Cursor engines and equipped with the fuel economy pack (FEP1). As one of the first suppliers to bring a compatible product to the market, Champion has demonstrated its agility in keeping pace with the latest innovations and technologies within the commercial vehicle sector.

The new Cursor engines feature significantly reduced friction, achieved by redesigning internal components, including reprofiled pistons and new piston rings with a lower tangential load. These fundamental changes mean that Cursor engines require improved oil thermal management to avoid over-heating and inefficiency. Champion’s new lubricant uses a fully synthetic base oil for higher performance and uncompromising engine protection. It is designed to improve internal engine cleanliness and protection up to the maximum oil drain intervals and has been shown to provide exceptional fuel economy.

The engine oil has a Low SAPS formulation making it compatible with IVECO’s full after-treatment system. By protecting the engine under heavy loads, this innovative product reduces overall fleet downtime making it more productive by keeping vehicles on the road for longer.

According to Johan Van Hove, Senior Technical Manager at Champion Lubricants, Champion’s passion to push the boundaries keeps the brand on top of the market needs: “As manufacturers continue to seek out new efficiencies, it is our responsibility to develop lubricants that keep these engines running optimally. As specialists in the field, we have formulated CHAMPION OEM SPECIFIC 0W20 UHPD EXTRA FE to help IVECO’s Cursor engines achieve maximum fuel economy and reduced emissions while maintaining the performance and reliability needed in the transport and logistics industries.

“Commercial vehicles face some of the hardest operating conditions on the road. The distances travelled and non-stop working time place a great burden on engines and their internal components, in a similar way that race cars are pushed to the limit. Our dedication to providing advanced commercial vehicle lubricants is the same dedication we show in our partnership with the talented Czech team Big Shock Racing. After all, we know overcoming challenges is what creates champions.”


For us, motorsport partnerships are the perfect platforms to develop the lubricants of tomorrow. In fact, that’s where we test our products to the extreme, developing lubricants even for the most demanding engines, and eventually transfer this knowledge to the market. 

To this end, we kicked off 2019 with a ‘bang’, through a new partnership with the talented Czech team BIG SHOCK RACING, starting with the 2019 Dakar Rally, one of the most treacherous and demanding automotive competitions on the planet.

Big Shock Racing is a professional truck racing team which has been participating for 15 years in the Dakar Rally and other marathon cross country competitions. Champion Lubricants supported the Big Shock Racing team in their IVECO truck during the Dakar Rally 2020. As the first non-factory owned team in the truck category finishing the race, Big Shock Racing won a great 5th position in the overall ranking, using Champion’s cutting-edge lubricants. Improving 2020 results, the team managed an impressive 4th place finish through the thrilling stages of Dakar Rally 2021 in their IVECO truck powered by Champion products!

Resonating with Champion’s extreme and adventurous nature, this partnership further builds on Champion’s journey of the last years. The Dakar Rally is seen as one of the most demanding races in the world, and our sophisticated formulations are designed to withstand extreme conditions which come in the shape of dust, sand and huge temperature fluctuations between day and night. 

 Champion is available in South Africa via Grandmark

We are available in South Africa via our partner Grandmark International, one of the leading distributors of replacement automotive parts in the region. With over 26 years of experience, Grandmark International trades in the automotive, aftermarket parts industry, marketing and distributing an extensive range of quality automotive, aftermarket parts. Grandmark today provides professional service and premium products for more than 4000 local and cross-border customer. Read more at www.grandmark.co.za.