Blackberry – the once heavyweight in the telecommunications segment – is attempting to reinvent itself in the logistics sector with the launch of the Blackberry Radar – a tracking system dedicated to the fleet and trucking industry.

The Canadian company announced the asset tracking system at the 2016 Mid-America Truck Show, with the device using a so-called “Internet of Things (IoT)” platform, and is expected to profit from the current growth in wireless network connectivity in the consumer and industrial sectors.

The Radar is an end-to-end system that monitors the location of trailers and containers, delivering timely, encrypted, and actionable data to the fleet manager via a secure online portal.

“BlackBerry Radar is fully integrated and provisioned, so customers can hit the ground running. Within minutes of installing our tracking device, users can access timely information on their assets to help make agile decisions that can dramatically improve an organisation’s profitability,” said Derek Kuhn, Senior Vice President, BlackBerry IoT.

“And because BlackBerry Radar is cloud-based, it offers the ultimate in convenience. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer equipped with a web browser, and you can access information for real-time decision-making — wherever you are, and whenever you need it.”

The company notes that the inclusion of the Radar system in a fleet will optimise the usage of trailers and improve on time delivery – both factors in generating added revenue.