BBSTelematics, a South African provider of the world leading telematics solution Geotab, has become a reseller for SureCam. SureCam is a specialist provider of connected cameras for fleets.

The partnership means that BBSTelematics can introduce SureCam technology to customers in Africa and offer a fully integrated fleet safety solution.

Sam Footer, Strategic Partnership Director at SureCam explains: “By combining our industry-leading cameras with Geotab’s telematics software, we have created an advanced proposition with unrivalled savings potential for fleets. Partnering with BBSTelematics means our African customers will have access to this solution enabling them to optimise fleet operations, reduce insurance costs and significantly improve driver safety.”

Geotab provides data-driven insights into areas such as speed, RPM data, engine faults and accident detection to help businesses better manage their fleets. SureCam-connected cameras fully integrate with the Geotab solution to provide video content on collisions, near-miss or harsh driving incidents which is captured and transmitted within moments of the incident occurring. 

The Geotab solution includes features such as advanced engine diagnostics, ad-blue levels, advanced fuel usage data, driver behaviour gamification and real time vehicle location at 1 second intervals.

Paul Rogerson, Director of BBSTelematics comments: “As most fleet managers know, improving driver safety and vehicle health can have a significant impact on driving down fleet costs by lowering claims and insurance premiums, reducing vehicle breakdowns, fuel consumption and ad-blue usage. The use of SureCam’s technology with Geotab’s market-leading telematics solution provides further opportunity for fleets to realise these benefits and demonstrate that safe driving pays.”